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Large Commercial / Industrial Member

United Cooperative Services (United) thanks you for the opportunity to be your electric provider.  In order to provide you with the efficient, high-quality service that you expect and deserve, we require that you supply the following information to the Cooperative prior to the commencement of the design, field staking and construction of the electrical distribution system requirements for your facilities:



  • Final load study for your site.
    • Although United stocks a large inventory of equipment, global demand for some electrical equipment – such as transformers and special metering equipment – has caused delivery delays of up to 12-14 months.  Also, the addition of some loads can result in the need for substation capacity increases and/or major electrical distribution facilities modifications which often require 6-12 months to design and implement.  Due to these potential circumstances, it is extremely important that the final load study be supplied as soon as possible so that the initial design can be completed, the necessary equipment can be ordered, delivery schedules can be ascertained and all necessary electrical facilities can be modified to support your new load.
  • Site plans and one line electrical diagrams (if available) for the location.
  • Electrical data for any large equipment or motors (50 HP and above) that will be utilized.
    • This data should include equipment size, nameplate information and start-up design requirements.  This information is necessary to review the potential power quality impact of the equipment.
  • Contact information for general and/or electrical contractors.

Once all of the initial information is provided, United will provide an initial electric utility design for your facility, as well as an estimated cost for the facilities.  This design and cost estimate can usually be provided within 5 to 10 business days from the time all required information is received.



Upon completion of the initial design, United will require the submission of the following information before field staking can commence:

  • Cooperative-approved right-of-way easements on the property for the electrical distribution facilities.
  • The required contribution in aid to construction monies for the project.
  • Survey points for grades, lot corners, and other locations reasonably necessary for installation of the electric system.
  • Location of all Member-owned underground facilities on the project site.



Once field staking is complete you will be notified to assess/approve the final design of the electrical utilities. Upon approval of the final field design, United will schedule the construction of the electrical distribution facilities.



  • Any costs associated with changes that are made by the Member or its contractors to the electrical utility design after the approval of the final design is received will be assumed by the Member.
  • Any changes to the electrical load requirements at your facilities after the initial design has been provided may result in lengthy delays (6-12 months) to your project depending on the availability of equipment.

Essential Forms:






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