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Energy Innovation

It seems ironic that of all the theories that abound for shoring up the nation’s overburdened electric grids and reigning in power costs, the one “buzz” that still is viewed with the greatest skepticism by many is the one that carries the fewest economic risks and the greatest potential for shedding electricity demand and bolstering available capacity. That buzz is Energy Innovation, defined as follows:

Energy Conservation—changing behavior to reduce energy use

Energy Efficiency—reducing energy use without changing behavior

Demand Response—shifting energy use to different times

Distributed Resources—generation on the distribution side rather
than the supply side

Arriving at the new paradigm of Energy Innovation requires a joint effort of the utility industry and the consumers. United members are way ahead of the curve in achieving energy innovation objectives. We know this through what you’ve told us and showed us in employing tactics that will help offset the rising cost of power. We will continue to be vocal proponents of innovative energy solutions.













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