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Distributed Generation

Distributed generation (DG) is one of the four components of Energy Innovation (the other three include Conservation, Energy Efficiency and Demand Response). United's trusted energy advisors  stand ready to answer member questions about the practicality, costs and technological requirements of DG, which continues to grow in popularity.

DG is defined as generation that is connected to a utility’s distribution system. It generally refers to small scale generation that is located near the point of end use. Common DG system energy sources are solar, wind, landfill gas, diesel fueled engines, and natural gas fueled micro-turbines.


The Ten Steps to Apply for Installation and Operate DG on United's System


What Does DG Cost?


Does United Provide DG Grants?


DG Vendors Serving this Area


United DG Demonstration Project Data


The Public Utility Commission of Texas (link is external)*

*While the PUCT rules are intended only for Investor-Owned utilities, United’s Tariff and DG Guidelines follow closely with the related Substantive Rules, though with minor differences. Therefore, all proposed DG installations will be measured against the United Tariff and DG Guidelines and not the PUCT rules and guidelines.


Disclaimer: This information is not intended to be fully inclusive of all current, future or pending rules and regulations, but is meant to provide general information pertaining to this subject.


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