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Arcing Demonstration

Powerful safety demonstrations from United Cooperative Services have taught thousands the importance of electrical safety. Arcing demonstrations, taking place year-round at schools and civic groups in United’s service area, simulate real life conditions of utility line work. Last year, nearly 3,000 people witnessed the powerful arcing demonstration hosted by United’s safety team.

The arcing demonstrations, which consist of two transformers wired into high voltage, teach the dangers of electricity in the utility line work industry, as well and in everyday life. Demonstration presenters explain how electricity follows the least path of resistance – which is usually the ground. Presenters also show why utility line workers must wear special protective clothing as protection from electrocution.

Live demonstrations are made of how electricity can arc and affect different materials such as trees, rubber gloves and clothing. The demonstration shows the dangerous and sometimes fatal effects of electricity if misused and reminds students of the need to respect electricity while enjoying all of its benefits.

“Most line work is done while the system is still energized, which is called hot line work or working it hot,” said David Stone, United’s safety coordinator. “Our lineman are highly trained professionals that work under very dangerous conditions daily and this type of work is very specialized. Safety meetings are held weekly to keep our lineman up-to-date on safety practices and industry technology changes. Safety is a top priority for both our employees and the public.”

The program is not just for students – the lessons taught have proved valuable for fire, police and sheriff departments in United’s service area. The arcing demonstration can be tailored to be as technically sophisticated as an industrial customer’s safety program.

Arcing demonstrations utilize a transformer to produce over a 5,000 volt electrical arc to illustrate the danger of energized electrical conductors. In order to present the demonstration, a minimum of 100 AMPS at 240 volts must be available at the site. If you need a United representative to check the electrical capability at your site, please contact a marketing representative at your local United office.

Promoting electrical safety not only makes good sense – it is a responsibility United Cooperative Services takes seriously. To schedule a safety demonstration for your organization, please call (817) 556-4000.


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